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Configure Quad9 using our batch file

This is a simple batch file that will configure Quad9 as your DNS servers.  It does not set up an encrypted connection to us but does allow you to use the block list that we have in place to keep out malicious domains.  If your IP address is configured using DHCP then you only need to download it and then run it as administrator. If your machine is manually configured you need to edit the batch file to change its default settings.  

After you download our batch file linked below.


Follow the steps that follow.

If you are using DHCP on your Windows 10 machine

Step 1

Run the batch file as Administrator Success.png

Step 2

A command shell window will open and run the batch file.  If you see Success you are now protected by Quad9. Success.png


Your previous configuration is also available in this window should you need it.  It is also written to a batch file called backoutQuad9.bat that can be run to change back to your old settings. PreviousConfiguration.png

If you are not running DHCP you first need to edit the batch file to enable it to change a static configuration.

Step 1

Open batch file in Notepad or other text editing software OpenFile.png

Step 2

Edit the set OVERIDE_MANUAL_DNS line.  Change NO to YES. ChangeOverideSetting.png

Step 3 

Save and exit then do the steps above.

If for some reason you need to back out of the configuration changes you can run the backoutQuad9.bat batch file that this file creates as administrator.